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What our Customers Say

It’s a great relief to leave my lawn care in the hands of a caring, honest, and knowledgeable professional. Thank you Iain for 4 years of dedicated service.

M. Dodd, Uxbridge

Excellent service, outstanding product.

Since Iain of Enviro Masters started doing my lawn 3yrs ago, my lawn has never looked so good. I am very happy with his work and Enviro Masters lawn care programs. Iain is friendly and goes far beyond what is expected and what I have paid for.

Beverly Silverman, Port Perry

We were very pleased with the service Enviro Masters provided and with the results they achieved.

Bob and Bev Spooner, Cobourg

We have had Enviro Masters services for the last 20 years and we are completely satisfied with their work and expertise.

Merle Gingrich, Cobourg

After years of neglect, it took some work to create a healthy lawn (controlling Charlie and the other weeds, etc.). Our lawns looked good by the end of last year. Thank you: we appreciate your effort.

Paul Becker, Cobourg

We have taken great pride in our ability to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn over the years. For the most part, we’ve had considerable success.

But alas, the recent provincial legislation regarding lawn care, coupled with Mother Nature’s extremely dry summers and our reluctance to water our lawn as we’ve done in years past – provided us with a major challenge.

Enviro Master to the rescue! The past few years has seen a significant recovery for our lawn, it continues to improve year over year as Iain MacLean and company provide the care and attention we so desperately couldn’t provide on our own – and the service is environmentally friendly to boot.

We are “proud” of our lawns and gardens again – thank you Iain.

Ron & Barb Swallow, Cobourg