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The benefits to lawn aeration are endless.

Aeration is the most popular lawn service in North America after weed control and fertilizer. Here’s why.

  • Roots need air water and nutrients to thrive, core aeration improves all three
  • Aeration encourages water penetration and reduces run-off giving better value when watering
  • Aeration promotes deep rooting to make grass more drought tolerant
  • Poorly aerated soils are more prone to weed and insect infestations
  • Aeration helps dethatch lawns by promoting the breaking up and composting of thatch
  • Aeration greatly improves grass seed germination due to good soil contact when overseeding
  • Aeration improves soil coposition as organic byproducts are incorporated into the soil

Our program

aerationAreation is usually done in spring once soil is dry enough or late summer. We recommend a late summer or fall aeration as the soil is usually dry enough to work on. This is also the best time to overseed as the aeration process greatly enhances the germination of grass seed. Our deep core aerator removes plugs from the soil to let them incorporate into the topsoil.