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April 16th, 2013

NEW turf seed varieties beat grubs

Introducing, new Lateral Spread (LS™) grass seed for 2013 now included in enviromasters programs. LS™ Perennial Ryegrass is one tough grass – not only able to withstand wear, it also has the ability to self-repair those heavy traffic insect damaged areas Its dark green color, fine leaf texture and dense growth make it an ideal choice for your lawn. Hardy lawn® tall fescue mixture with LS® perennial rye is the ultimate defence against grubs, drought and shade. Susceptible blue grass varieties have been eliminated from this mixture for a worry free lawn. Because of tillering or rhizome formation, LS™ provides a tighter density turf, particularly under stress, and self-recuperation from traffic, wear, or insect injury during the summer stress periods. LS™ tall fescue gives high stand coverage that crowds out weeds and contains moderately high levels of endophyte for improved resistance to surface feeding insects.

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